Ganz persönlich

Fabian Imbusch

»In der Campusgemeinde kann ich mit anderen in Gemeinschaft meinen Glauben leben und viele verschiedene Sichtweisen und Kulturen kennenlernen.«

Fabian Imbusch, Student RPTU

Anjaly Baby

»I am so delighted to be a part of CampusGemeinde RPTU, with my favourite people. Begins with prayers, laughter fills the air with homemade treats and shared stories -definitely a happy place binding myself in joy. I get to know so many lovely people in the meetings of Campus Gemeinde who’s words has touched me. I got an opportunity to learn Guitar which was a childhood dream of mine. And the craft workshops we had , which was really fun and creative. Its my place of happiness, love and hope – My happy place!«

Anjaly Baby, Studentin aus Indien